Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 9

Sorry I'm so late starting my blog. I got off to a good start, then came down with a bad cold. Kept working out until Friday, then I gave in and called Steve, the owner of Body Trac Health and Fitness and our sponsor.
"Hey Steve, this is Glenda" I said.
Steve replied"Hey Glenda, are you running in place as you are talking to me?"
Uh-Oh, I can tell this isn't going to go well. I explained to Steve that I had a reeeaaally bad cold and that I would be missing Saturday's team workout. I can tell you that by the time I hung up I felt like a big fat lazy ass. Not that Steve yelled or anything, but I could sense his disappointment. It is truly a gift to have someone to answer to and who you know expects you to do well.
I am going like gangbusters again, cold be damned.


  1. Glenda, I hope you are feeling better and will be back at BT soon! I got to work out with Tina this morning and she is doing fantastic!

  2. Honey trust me, I'm there. I am at the Vineyards location on 90E. Gotta love Bodytrack, they are so convenient. Flora and I work out at the Vineyards location, Monica is at the Park Ave. location and Tina works out at the Killearn location. On Saturdays we all work out together.