Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calories and Food Journals

I have been keeping my food journal faithfully, a total pain in the neck but so worth it. Nothing like listing everything you ate and adding up the calories to keep you real. Steve at Body Trac conducted metabolic testing on our team which showed that I have a metabolism that's pretty normal, a little on the slow side but even the fastest metabolism couldn't handle all the prime rib and red wine I had been eating before the challenge. Now it's a healthy eating plan and eleven workouts a week.
I am really working on learning as much as I can about the science behind weight gain and weight management. Right now I am reading up on the effects of stress on weight, all about cortisol and how chronic stress causes excessive amounts of cortisol to be released into the bloodstream which can negatively impact blood sugar and thyroid function. My hopw is that knowledge will bring power to make positive change.
Any fat person can tell you that this is not about will power, we have to change on the inside if we wany to make lasting changes on the outside.

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  1. So true! Being healthy is a 24/7 job, but the pay is great! Nothing compares to how you feel when you take care of yourself. And now that you are armed with knowledge about your metabolism, you can make sure that if you do slip some red wine into your day, it's replacing something else so it all adds up to your target calorie goal for the day. Good for you and keep it up!