Friday, February 26, 2010

Working out on Friday instead of Happy Hour!

This is a trip, worked out at 5:30 PM on a Friday. Not at happy hour on a Friday, what??? This is a definite change, crazy changes! Going again at 8:30 tomorrow morning, what the hell? Working out at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, crazy changes! Feeling great today, work was so crazy busy and lots going on but I had energy all day and didn't get stressed out even when the poop was hitting the fan. Crazy good changes!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Team to Beat - Week Three

We are having a good, strong week. Our team workout last Saturday was great, and when I say great I mean we got a good butt kicking! James at Body Track Health and fitness was whaling away on us. He is the third trainer from Body Track I have worked out with and they have all been great. They are very good at working around my various health issues (bad knees, bad back, you know - all the fat old lady ailments) and finding a way to get great workouts out me and the rest of the team as well.
We are working out twice a day and making good progress, I can see the changes in my teams faces (and butts and legs) and we are all committed to making the most of this opportunity.
Go Team!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Man (Actually Woman) Down!

The Team to Beat lost a team member to injury. The youngest one to boot, who would have thunk it. We have an alternate but I feel for Monica.
I have a bad back, one herniated disk surgery already and several other iffy discs but so far, so good. I remind my trainers when I need to and do what I can so other than the normal muscle soreness after workouts I'm fine and dandy.
If I can lose some more weight and strenthen my core my back will be so much better, my knees already feel better so that's a good sign.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Massage - That's what I'm talking about!

Got a massage today. Working Well got some incredible sponsors for this challenge.
Free gym memberships, free trainers and free massages! Now if we could only modify the workout to massage ratio it would be perfect! Here's a scientific breakthrough I could get behind, how about someone inventing a way for you to burn as many calories getting a massage as you do at the gym.
Brien Schmauch is our massage therapist, he is a student at the Core Massage Institute, he'll graduate in mid-March and he is fabulous. The first time I spoke with him he was so excited I thought at first he must just like to massage fat girls but then he told me his story. In the past two years he has lost over 200 pounds. He came to meet all of us at work and tell us about his journey, he is committed to supporting us and even gave us his cell number. He is such a great guy and another wonderful source of support for us as we go through the challenge.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calories and Food Journals

I have been keeping my food journal faithfully, a total pain in the neck but so worth it. Nothing like listing everything you ate and adding up the calories to keep you real. Steve at Body Trac conducted metabolic testing on our team which showed that I have a metabolism that's pretty normal, a little on the slow side but even the fastest metabolism couldn't handle all the prime rib and red wine I had been eating before the challenge. Now it's a healthy eating plan and eleven workouts a week.
I am really working on learning as much as I can about the science behind weight gain and weight management. Right now I am reading up on the effects of stress on weight, all about cortisol and how chronic stress causes excessive amounts of cortisol to be released into the bloodstream which can negatively impact blood sugar and thyroid function. My hopw is that knowledge will bring power to make positive change.
Any fat person can tell you that this is not about will power, we have to change on the inside if we wany to make lasting changes on the outside.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 9

Sorry I'm so late starting my blog. I got off to a good start, then came down with a bad cold. Kept working out until Friday, then I gave in and called Steve, the owner of Body Trac Health and Fitness and our sponsor.
"Hey Steve, this is Glenda" I said.
Steve replied"Hey Glenda, are you running in place as you are talking to me?"
Uh-Oh, I can tell this isn't going to go well. I explained to Steve that I had a reeeaaally bad cold and that I would be missing Saturday's team workout. I can tell you that by the time I hung up I felt like a big fat lazy ass. Not that Steve yelled or anything, but I could sense his disappointment. It is truly a gift to have someone to answer to and who you know expects you to do well.
I am going like gangbusters again, cold be damned.