Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Going Strong

Week six is ending on a high note. Our team works out together on Saturdays, I love it when we get together. I have been reading the other team's blogs, very inspirational! I do laught hysterically every time I read where someone doesn't want to share how well they are doing because other teams will find out. Trust me, you won't lose any faster if I know how you're doing. In fact, I hope everyone rocks this challenge! Working Well has given 24 people the opportunity of a lifetime here so we are all winners here.


  1. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well and working so hard. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again this week.

    Brien Schmauch

  2. Kimberly from Team Pride,
    Just wanted to say that I hope all of the Teams are doing great. All of our health is very important. I hope that we all can inspire all of our family and friends to live a healthier life and maintain a healthy weight. My Team mate wrote that about you not knowing too much information but I will let you all know we are doing great we work out together every afternoon and learning more and more each day about how to live a healthy life style. We have wonderful trainers here at the Y and so many differant classes we can attend everyday. We are having a lot of fun lossing weight and just learning to live a whole new life. I feel like a new person. See you at the end of this challenge.